Living conditions in today’s society have changed drastically due to the global pandemic. Many families and individuals have spent plenty of time at home and are looking for a resolution for issues such as drafts, high noise levels, and light interrupting their sleep. Most people are looking for a stylish option that is effective as well as helps beautify the already existing home décor.

Do you need to cut the draft, block light, and block sound in your home? If so, you will be happy to know there is an easy, stylish and affordable solution that creates an exquisite look. Keep reading to find out more! 

1 High Quality Noise Blocking Curtains

Noise blocking woolen curtains from Amore Beaute

Do you need some peace and quiet? Perhaps it’s for you because you work from home, work different hours from others in the household or have a baby that is a light sleeper. There are plenty of reasons a calm and quiet room or area is needed.

Noise can come from all directions and the most unexpected places. Busy streets, the volume on the television, someone on a Zoom call, outdoor traffic, and sirens from emergency vehicles are common reasons to invest in sound reduction or sound absorption curtains. 

An excellent way to block noise is to pinpoint where the high volume is coming from and place the curtain panels in a specific area to eliminate the problem. For example, any noise from traffic or outdoor disturbances can be addressed by placing noise blocking window curtain panels. Or, if  two people are using the same space for work, they can use a noise a noise blocking room divider to avoid disturbances from phone calls and video meetings.

Room divider curtains by Amore Beaute

Keep in mind you can also use the curtains as a focal point in any room. When you are not using them to block noise you can open them to reveal the sunshine through the window. An excellent way to display your window is to tie them back with our free matching curtain ties. Just make sure you can slide them back together when needed. Avoid placing a sheer curtain in the center because it will interfere with the curtains closing completely. 

No matter the reason, a quiet space to escape from the chaos is priceless. You can achieve this by choosing noise-reducing wool felt curtains. Check out Amore Beaute double-layered wool felt curtains that cut sound by 20 to 23 dB at

If you prefer single-layered felt curtains, you can still achieve noise reduction and draft reduction properties by increasing the curtain width thereby increasing the coverage. 

2 Best Draft Blocking Curtains

Draft blocking curtains in wool felt custom made by Amore Beaute

Drafts can enter your home through fireplaces, windows, and doors causing discomfort to everyone living in the household. Draft blocking curtains are high in demand because these are energy efficient and can create a cozy warm environment you will love. 

Our double layered wool curtains block drafts and keep your living room and other spaces warm and cozy. Check out these must-have curtains at

Décor Ideas for Draft Blocking Curtains

The most popular place for draft blocking curtains is over the window causing the draft. However, our unique felt curtains also look great as room dividers that are useful for blocking drafts caused by air conditioning vents. Check out our collection of wool felt curtains at

Our curtains also feature snap buttons, leather tabs, and more inventive ways to hang the curtains to suit your needs. Take a look at our popular collection at

3 Best Blackout Curtains

A good blackout curtain from Amore Beaute can help you sleep better

The National Institute of Health reports that up to 19% of adults do not get enough sleep. Bright light can be a common reason why individuals don’t sleep well. Light tends to beam through windows from outdoor street lighting, traffic, flashing emergency lights, and sometimes motion detector lights. A small flash can wake the deepest sleeper from a pleasant dream. 

The primary reason for room darkening curtains is to prevent light from entering the home. Standard blackout curtains have a one-layer plastic blackout liner attached to the back of the curtain. This lining is often made using volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are bad for health and the environment. Our double-layered wool felt curtains are the best option because they don’t contain VOCs.

Custom made curtains in thick wool felt can help you sleep better

The good news is that you can block out the lights with our double layered wool felt curtains. Check out our selection (with free shipping) at

Décor Ideas for Blackout Curtains

Double layered felt curtain in Olive green custom made by Amore Beaute

Blackout curtains create a dark environment that makes you feel safe, calm and improves sleep quality. The curtains are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can even personalize the curtains to complement your home décor. Browse our beautiful options at

Remember our curtains can be used in various ways including as a room divider. If you need to block light that originates from the inside of the house, our double layered felt curtains are the best option for you! Also, keep in mind they are highly suitable for a baby’s room that requires less sunlight during the day to ensure nap time is successful. Choose neutral colors for a baby’s room or personalize it for a meaningful look. 

If you have children who share a room and prefer to have their own space, you can use the same felt curtains to create privacy and separate the space. Choose a color that will complement the entire room for an overall balanced look. The curtains will also block light from one side of the room from the other creating an easy-to-share living space. 

Double layered wool felt curtains are the best option because they are heavy-duty, stylish, available in a variety of colors, and versatile. We receive plenty of 5-star reviews but we believe one of our most recent customer reviews explained our felt curtains and service the best. She said, “Super fast shipping plus works great in blocking light and the view from the outside. I also noticed a difference in room temperature once installed.” 

This review is seen on our website along with many other happy customers. However, this is also proof they work great! You also have the opportunity to customize and personalize the curtains to make them truly fit your home décor. 

Our durable and thick wool felt curtains are specially designed to cut draft, provide insulation, cut sound and light. This one curtain can create a peaceful, cozy, and warm environment. Browse the entire AmoreBeaute collection at and place your order today! 

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