It’s time to deck the halls and your entire house too! Chances are you have your favorite traditional decorations such as stockings, wreaths, and a Christmas tree, but you can refresh your holiday décor with new ideas that will make your home look more beautiful than you ever imagined! 

Custom Décor for Christmas is all the rage this year since family members and friends now have the go-ahead to visit during the season. Update your holiday décor to encourage a peaceful, loving, meaningful environment with the help of customized pieces and innovative ideas!  Get started now! 

Wintery White Tablescapes

Christmas Tablescape with Amore Beaute

Tablescaping might sound like something new but chances are you have been using this home décor idea for years. Christmas is the perfect time to put your creative mind to work and create an amazing focal point on your dining table that will impress every visitor that arrives. 

A beautiful idea involves the winter wonderland theme which includes a custom-made white cotton table linen embroidered to perfection with gray accents. This design compliments your holiday décor and is the foundation of the winter white holiday theme. Check out our extraordinary custom-made table linens at
The perfect accent for your tablescape includes white linen cocktail napkins that feature a Christmas Motif. The splash of color embroidered on the corner of each napkin gives the table character and a festive vibe. Take a look at our charming custom cocktail napkins.

Dress up the table with bits of sparkle with ivory beaded placemats that feature off-white crystals. These beautiful hand-embellished placemats are the perfect accent that creates the winter wonderland effect. Take a sneak peek at our luxurious beaded placemats
Top off the look by placing white candles and loose sparkle beads in the center of the table! 

2 Ice Skates Wreath

Ice Skate Wreath Idea from Amore Beaute

Give your trusty wreath for your front door a break this year and get a bit creative. Dig out your old ice skates and put them to good use! Tie the skates together and hang them on your front door. This winter-inspired idea looks incredible when you use the tallest part of the boot as a faux vase by stuffing it with greenery, flowers, and ornaments. This unique idea can be changed every year so you always have something fresh and new!

3 Custom Made Sparkly Throw Pillows

Amore Beaute Sparkle Throw Pillows

Add extra sparkle and warmth to your home by strategically placing glitzy custom-made throw pillows on your furniture in every room. Choose from a variety of colors such as red, gold, and multicolored. Customize the look further with patterns of your choice and sparkly sequins that add a luxurious touch. Take a peek at the beautiful throw pillow options.

4 Festive Bedding for Your Family and Guests

Custom bedding by Amore Beaute

Do you love to watch Christmas movies while feeling cozy and warm in your bed? Decorating bedrooms with custom quilts warms up the room and creates the ultimate peaceful atmosphere to boost your Christmas spirit. 
Make sure you sleep in comfort with our handmade linen pick stitch quilt, linen coverlet, and shams. Learn more about our custom-made bedding at

You can take your bedroom décor to the next level by placing an artificial tree in the room and decorating it with winter or colorful ornaments. This option is also a festive idea for children’s rooms! 

Imagine cozy quilts and Christmas trees in every bedroom. It’s a heartwarming sight to see as you walk down the hallway looking into every room! 

5 Decorate the Tree with Flowers

Floral decorative idea by Amore Beaute

Do your Christmas tree decorations need a boost? Add colorful and decorative faux flowers to your tree decorations. Gently place the ornaments on the tree first and fill in the empty spots with red and white poinsettias or any flowers you enjoy. The flowers take the place of garland and add texture as well as color. 

6 Custom Window Treatments

Emerald Green Curtain by Amore Beaute

Bring the entire festive Christmas look together with custom-tailored emerald green velvet curtains. These delightful drapes are the perfect touch that ties in a piece of Santa Claus since he is known for his velvet toy sack that all the children love. These custom-made curtain panels look amazing in the living room, bedroom, children’s rooms, and kitchen. Create the ultimate Santa’s workshop décor with these custom emerald velvet drapes from Amore Beaute

7 Add Pops of Plaid

Christmas decoration idea by Amore Beaute

Red, white and green plaid is the perfect accent when creating a cozy cottage Christmas environment. Choose plaid stockings to hand by the fireplace and stuff them full of goodies your family will love. You can also choose more plaid stockings and give them as gifts with a special treat inside. 

Plaid pillows and blankets also complement all every Christmas décor theme ranging from winter wonderland to log cabin style décor.

Add Rustic Charm with a Twig Tree

Christmas idea with twig by Amore Beaute

Add a bit of nature to your Christmas décor by collecting twigs and placing them in a vase, glass bottle, or jar. Hang colorful or unique ornaments from the twigs and place them on tabletops throughout the house. This fun idea is great for a child’s room and the countertop in the kitchen.

9 Add Live Plants to Your Décor

Christmas decor ideas by Amore Beaute

Poinsettias are the go-to Christmas plant and they look beautiful in red or white. The color and texture of the large leaves truly add nature to the home as well as an elegant touch. The good news is you don’t need to just choose poinsettias! You can choose any red or white flowers or plants that boost the overall holiday look! 
This year many people are looking for meaningful, personal, and custom Christmas decorations. The quality of the décor as well as the color and personal touch allows you to create traditions that will be passed down for generations to come. For example, your custom-made table cloth, quilt, velvet curtains, cocktail napkins, and placemats will create memories your family will cherish forever. They will want to hold on to these beautiful moments in life forever! Start customizing your Christmas décor today!
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