Curtains are the final touch that bring a room to life.  The right color and texture are essential to complement the furniture and accessories in the space.  There are several choices out there and I know it can be a bit daunting to choose colors, fabric and design. When you think about curtains and drapery as functional works of art, it’s easy to find the perfect choice for your beautiful home.  So read on for 7 excellent curtain ideas that will make your living space look and feel amazing!

Wool  Felt Curtains

Amore Beaute Wool Felt Curtains

Wool felt curtains are a great choice year-round but they are especially effective, beautiful, and comforting during the winter season. Felt curtains hold color exquisitely and a bit of comfort and romance at the same time. Imagine felt panel curtains hanging while it’s snowing outdoors creating the ultimate frame for the holiday season. The warmth of the fireplace reflecting off the curtains is incredibly comforting and brings every room to life. 

The thickness of felt fabric also makes these curtains a great option for a room divider. A room divider curtain is used to divide the living area offering privacy and a simple design transition.  Wool felt curtains are durable, soft, thick, and provide privacy. Hence, these make perfect room divider for shared children’s rooms, living rooms or shared workspaces. Want custom tailored felt curtains to inspire your living or workspace? Happy to help.

2 Curtains with Leather Accents and Trim

Amore Beaute custom made curtains with genuine leather accents

Leather accents on curtains add high-quality details to the overall look of the room. This modern addition to curtains includes leather trim, tabs, and ties. Leather trim curtains are an excellent way to bring a masculine feel to any room and balance the feminine and masculine energy in your space. Take a look at these stunning leather trim curtains for your home at

3 Ombre Curtains 

Amore Beaute ombre curtains

Ombre curtains spice up every room with a unique color transition and elegant style.  Ombre is a lovely color technique that creates a seamless gradual evolution from a darker shade to a lighter shade. This color technique is used in a variety of ways including home décor items such as curtains, quilts, blankets, decorative pillows, and more. 

4 Mustard Yellow Curtains

Amore Beaute mustard curtain

Mustard yellow brings color and warmth to the room.  Mustard yellow curtains create focal points throughout the space and compliment the furniture creating an overall beautiful atmosphere. You can create a mustard yellow theme by using it in various ways including wallpaper, lamps, pillows, blankets, artwork, rugs, and curtains. 

Mustard wool felt curtains feature a natural texture that exudes the mustard yellow color in its best light. The combination of color and texture provides the perfect accent to coordinate with other similar colored accessories and accents in your home such as vases and rugs.

5 Airy Sheer Linen Curtains 

Amore Beaute pure linen curtains custom tailored

Sheer curtains create a romantic vibe in any room. These breathy, translucent linen curtains are the perfect solution for allowing sunlight indoors while maintaining privacy. They also look beautiful tied back and pulled to either side. Airy sheer curtains can be used in any room in the house as an appealing elegant accent. You can put these in the color of your choice – white, ivory, natural linen, oatmeal or grey.

An excellent decorating tip includes using sheer curtains in the center of the curtain rod and a different type of curtain on the ends. It creates a multi-dimensional look that complements various décor themes.

6 Embroidered Curtains

Amore Beaute custom embroidered curtains

Embroidered curtains are a great way to add character to any room. Lattice embroidered linen curtains are especially modern and bring delight to the space. The design on the curtain becomes a focal point that can be complemented with matching color accents such as lamps and vases.   For example, if you have black lattice embroidered curtains you can use black furniture, vases, and artwork to pull the entire look together. You can use the same technique with any embroidered curtains. Check out these charming, embroidered curtains for your home and get these custom tailored for your space. 

7 Curtains that Cut Light, Sound, and Draft  

Amore Beaute two layered felt curtains for noise reduction and light reduction

Felt curtains are popular in homes across America and Canada. They are an excellent choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. The felt fabric can block out 99.2% of light when double layered. This feature is especially great because it doesn’t require plastic lining on the opposite side of the curtain. This means the beautiful color and texture of the curtain can be seen from the outdoors as well as the indoors. 

Felt blackout curtains are also eco-friendly since they don’t feature lining created from toxic plastics, polymers, or volatile organic compounds. Check out effective and stylish blackout curtains at

Bonus Tip – Embroidered Curtain Ties

Amore Beaute custom curtain ties

Wool felt curtains or thick cotton velvet curtains hang nicely as panel curtains but also look great tied back. Using beautiful colored and textured ties easily changes the look from season to season to ensure you get optimal use of the curtains year-round.  You can find ties in various textures, fabrics, designs, and styles to keep the look fresh. Take a look at these exquisite sequin beads embroidered curtain ties as a gorgeous addition to your décor. 

Are you ready to change the décor in your home? Curtains are the perfect accessory that pull the entire look together. You can choose room darkening options, tiebacks, grommets, embroidery, colors, and more! Also, customizing your curtains adds a unique and meaningful touch. 

Choose colors, fabrics, and designs that compliment your existing furniture and accents, or start fresh and build the entire room around your new curtain choice! When choosing curtains for your home consider the reason for their use and your home décor theme. Are you looking for curtains to block out light or allow light to flow into the home? Are you looking for a room divider? Do you want the curtains to pop out or blend with the space? Do you need to cut sound and reduce draft? The answer to these questions will guide you towards the right curtain choice for your home or business. 

Curtains can instantly change the look of every room and bring a fresh feeling to help renew your décor theme. Shop from our existing stock or choose to have the curtains customized to your liking. Visit our site today at

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