It’s that time of year where a lot of you are getting ready for college. For new experiences, a new atmosphere, new friends and new roommates. We hope you have a lovely time and from our side we’d like to give you some tips on how to make your dorm room more to your liking.

1. Let there be pillows: Fill up your bed with colorful, fluffy throw pillows that match your personality and make your room a home away from home! Pink, blue, yellow, green, orange? Take your pick here:

Dorm Room Decor 1

2. Curtain call: Just like your throw pillows, make sure your curtains appeal to your personality as well. The color of the curtains will also set the mood for your studying, as well when it’s time for you to relax. Choose from our collection here:

Dorm Room Decor 2

3. Light ‘em up: Decorate your wall with a string of tiny lights and set the mood for a dorm party. Or simply for when you’re listening to music and taking some quality time out for yourself.

Dorm Room Decor 3

4. Lamps on: Be sure to have at least two lamps in your room for when it’s time to do those term papers. And we’re not talking about the lamps already in your room. Personalize, customize and make ‘em your style.

Dorm Room Decor 4

5. Memory wall: Put up stuff that makes you feel at home. These could be pictures with your BFF, your family or posters of your favorite musicians, actors and artists.

Dorm Room Decor 5

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