You have a bag at home. A bag full of albums. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Your childhood. Your pet. The new house. The new car. Trips. An album for every significant and insignificant event. Every page in every story in your life. 

You call it the bag of memories.

All of us, no matter how old, just LOVE to collect memories and store ‘em for later. To laugh, to well-up a bit, maybe even crib a bit about how goofy we used to look. We all love memories, don’t we? Have you ever wondered why? We do this to feel a sense of rootedness & connection in such extreme busy lives. And we introduce you to mandala art. 

Mandala Art

What is Mandala Art?

Mandala means 'circle' in the Sanskrit language, and mandala art refers to symbols that are drawn, sketched or painted in a circular frame. Mandala art has been used throughout the world as a method of self-expression, for personal growth and spiritual transformation. Mandalas are round which can lead us to an experience of wholeness. There is a central point or focus within the symbol which suggests there is a center within each one of us to which everything is related, and which is itself a source of energy and power.

So, why this art? 

Photographs are basically a reflection of what is outside. It creates an awareness of what is there outside. Mandala art also operates in the similar way, but instead of giving the reflection of external world, mandala art helps us to see what’s within us. It helps us to reflect what’s in our heart & soul. It helps us to remain connected to ourselves.

Mandala Art at Casa Amore

As we are approaching International Yoga Day, we at Casa Amore offer you a digital download of mandala coloring books. As mentioned above, Mandala provides balancing visual elements symbolizing unity and harmony. The print is designed to absorb the chattering thoughts in mind & divert it towards philosophic or spiritual essence which engulfs the artist which in turn leads to higher consciousness and awareness. Anxiety levels dropped when people color Mandalas books.

What are you waiting for? Download it now here at less than a dollar & soothe your inner self.

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