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Have you ever wondered, we all have that one woman in our lives who is a conscientious hard worker. This woman might be your partner, your mom, your sister, your co-worker, your boss or friend (don’t forget yourself). 9 to 5 life may sound interesting initially but it usually turns out to be mundane and stressful. Yes, she deserves something special, for all the pain that she puts in. Now coming to gifts, first of all, put down all those discounted generic items. Move away from those boring sausage gift sets and throw away those smelly candle sets (and all these kind of gift ideas also) Ok, Wine is a great gift!...

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My heart fills with gratitude whenever I hear this phrase, ' life doesn't come with manual it comes with mom' (isn’t it). She has been our best friend even before we knew what friendship was, even before we could spell friendship, even before we could pronounce it. We owe so much to her that it's hard to choose the right gift for her on her special day- Mother's Day. You want to gift her something she'll use all the time, but can't be necessarily a utility item- you want to find something with a sentimental value too. But just chewing...

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You know what they say – it’s the thought that counts. Gifting is not about buying something very expensive or fancy. It’s about what someone might love and more importantly, what someone might cherish, love and use. Here are our list of ideas: Something for the bridesmaid: Personalized wine glasses such as these will show all your lovely besties how much you love them. *clink*    Rejuvenating bath salts: Everyone loves bath salts and instead of just buying them from a store, make the gift more special by adding a personal touch. All you need is some Epsom salt, baking...

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