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5 unique gifting ideas for your loved ones

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5 unique gifting ideas for your loved ones

You know what they say – it’s the thought that counts. Gifting is not about buying something very expensive or fancy. It’s about what someone might love and more importantly, what someone might cherish, love and use. Here are our list of ideas:

  1. Something for the bridesmaid: Personalized wine glasses such as these will show all your lovely besties how much you love them. *clink* 

Personalized wine glasses


  1. Rejuvenating bath salts: Everyone loves bath salts and instead of just buying them from a store, make the gift more special by adding a personal touch. All you need is some Epsom salt, baking soda, sea salt, some peppermint, vanilla or lavender extract and you’ve got yourself refreshing homemade bath salts!  

Rejuvenating bath salts


  1. Gifts in a jar: Anything in a jar looks fancier. Gift your friend all kinds of things in a jar. Lipsticks, bath bombs, candy, miniatures, sewing kit. The list is endless. Leave a little personal note on the top and you’re good to go! 

Personalized gifts in a jar 

  1. Go Polaroid: Everyone loves photographs, and everyone loves selfies, but nothing beats the thrill of taking photos with a polaroid camera. Whether it is for him or her, this one’s a winner!  


  1. Margarita kit: Why go to a bar, when you can gift a bar? A margarita kit is a wonderful gift for friends who love to party. This way, you ensure you or your friend never go thirsty again, not to mention, they look great and colorful. 

Personalized Margarita kit


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