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We often get so caught up in our everyday lives that we seldom get time to just sit back and reflect. Year after year, one failed New Year resolution after another, we’ve gotten attuned to our everyday lives. This year, do something different. Our suggestion - maybe a little wanderlust. And the best way to experience wanderlust is by taking a solo trip.

Here are 6 reasons why every woman should travel alone, at least once in her life:

1. Learn about yourself: There’s no better way of reconnecting with yourself than by taking a trip by yourself - to the center of your heart, mind and body. Whether you’re chilling by the beach, or high up on a mountain watching the sunset, there won’t be a more perfect time to clear your head and reflect. Try it out. We guarantee it works.

2. Friends and strangers: This is a chance to get out of your comfort zone, where you can’t get by without mingling with strangers. Book a hostel, crash in a dorm, make new friends, exchange life stories and live it up!

3. Your trip, your rules: One of the best things of traveling alone is that you don’t have to follow anyone else’s schedule. Wake up when you like, go to sleep when you like, visit the places that you want to see and most importantly, live the life that you want to live.

4. Adventure and stupidity awaits: There won’t be a better time to let go of your inhibitions and be a little adventurous. Go bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding and live life to the fullest. There won’t be anyone judging you or making you self-conscious.

5. Sense of accomplishment: One solo trip and you’ll feel more empowered and accomplished than you’ve ever felt before, and before you know it you’ll be planning your next trip. It’s as addictive as it is exciting.

6. Learning new cultures: There’s not a more humbling experience than learning a new culture. Eating new foods, partaking in native rituals, trying to comprehend and communicate in a new language is an experience like no other.


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Andrew Rosemary

Andrew Rosemary

Felt the curious child inside me on reading this ::

Good one:)

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