Have you ever wondered, we all have that one woman in our lives who is a conscientious hard worker. This woman might be your partner, your mom, your sister, your co-worker, your boss or friend (don’t forget yourself). 9 to 5 life may sound interesting initially but it usually turns out to be mundane and stressful. Yes, she deserves something special, for all the pain that she puts in.

Now coming to gifts, first of all, put down all those discounted generic items. Move away from those boring sausage gift sets and throw away those smelly candle sets (and all these kind of gift ideas also)

Ok, Wine is a great gift! Good for heart, good for skin and relaxing. But hang on, there are lot more interesting gifts for your girl on the go. Gifts that are stylish yet practical. Gifts that will make her feel special, like a superwoman (which she is, we agreed on that, right!).

So here I present you gifts for all our superwomen who work tirelessly. It is just about taking the time and effort to choose the right gift to cheer her, and help her chill a bit (we know she won’t, but still…) before she is on her next goal, mission, project, kid or run.
1. Portable power charger: Your busy women have no time to stop and charge her phone because it’s always buzzing & no call goes a missed call. This portable power bank will come in handy when she is traveling (which she might be most of the times). This techie gift is a cute gesture to help her avoid unnecessary hassles of dry battery on her adventures. Buy Now

Portable power charger

2.  Personalized Tote bag: You can’t buy happiness but you can buy handbags and it’s one and the same thing (isn’t it?). Gift her this amazing Amore Beaute’s Tote bag to carry her world with her. Make it easy and classy for your on the run girl by getting it personalized. Buy Now

Personalized tote bag

3. Head Massager: Yes, superwoman too gets headaches. Gift her this very handy head massager which will relax her in minutes (I have tried it!) Trust me this head massager is the absolute best gift to unwind after a long and hard day. Buy Now

Head massager

4. Yoga Bag: A perfect gift for her weekly dose of happiness. Yoga is all about falling in love with yourself, your body, mind & soul. This gift will not only promote her to keep good health but it's a cute reminder of how much you love her. In fact, you should get more than one to accompany her to the yoga studio. (seriously, think about it) Buy Now

Burlap Yoga Bag

5. Aroma Therapy Pendant: If your superwoman doesn’t even have time for recreational activity, nothing can beat this gift. This aromatherapy pendant diffuses essential oils that will keep her relax all day without even taking extra effort. Well, apart from being practical it will be a gorgeous addition to her jewelry collection. Buy Now

Aroma Therapy Pendant

So concluding I would like to say is that some birds are meant to fly high. All we shall do is be there with them always and appreciate their efforts. This above list of unique gifts can be a special treat to your girl on the go for everyday use. If you are the busy one then let your loved ones know about these amazing gifts, subtly (I did!) Gift Happiness!

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