Surely you’re a successful working woman, a dedicated mom, a loving partner and sometimes all three of them. Trust me I know how much it takes to achieve it, darling.

After juggling all these priorities, continuous stress and achieved goals, it's time to reward yourself - you deserve it!

Rewarding might be a day break, a gift that you been wanting for a long time or performing a favorite hobby. Rewarding yourself helps you enjoy achieved goals and set new ones. It gets you re-charged and helps you re-focus. It makes you a stronger person to take on the realities of day to day life.

So how about rewarding yourself with some “time” (have a lazy day!) performing your hobby. And when you are at it, live it fully wearing a comfortable T-shirts themed around your “lazy” day.

Here I present you my favorite self-reward tees collection for some interesting activities on your lazy day.

1. Going for a long walk in the woods/park: Japanese call it ‘shinrin-yoku’ which literally means ‘forest bathing’, which we may just call it a walk in the park. Walking in scenic nature produces wonderful benefits which are equal to meditation. Get ready for a walk of solitude with this inspiring T-shirt.

T-shirt for Walk

2. Getting lost in a book with coffee: A book that you really wanted to read from a long time and a mug of coffee, is a perfect setting for a time travel (I have been on many!). The imaginary world of a book has a therapeutic effect beyond your imagination. So get started with this cozy T-shirt which also expresses your love for coffee. Shop Now

T-Shirt for Book & Coffee

3. Performing some meditation or yoga: ‘Yoga heals soul’ (trust me, it definitely does). How about spending your day off rediscovering yourself? Gearing up with this Amore Beaute’s yoga cotton tees that will help you get into the zone. Shop Now

T-shirt for Yoga
4. Renovating your garden: First of all gardening burn calories and it takes you to the altered state of consciousness. When you dig into the soil it is actually health and mood-boosting. So spend a day off nurturing your garden with this T-shirt which will keep you motivated. Shop Now

T-shirt for Gardening

5. Enjoying a movie marathon with your girlfriends: This one is my favorite. Movie marathon! Call your friends, get your favorite food and veg out. Enjoy all your favorite movies, romcom to old classics. This chic T-shirt will set the perfect mood for a movie marathon night. Shop Now

T-shirt for Movie

There’s so much to do. Take a day off from the routine, treat yourself with these amazing T-shirts and recharge yourself. Well, it’s simple if you give more to yourself, you can ask for more from yourself. Happy rewarding!

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