Personalized & handcrafted home decor

Stand out in in the crowd. When it comes to a home, everyone wants something different. When it comes to style, no two people think alike. Luckily, we’ve found quite the solution! 

At Casa Amore International, we offer home decor products that are sure to brighten up your home. From wall art to tote bags, our home decor products are one of a kind that suit your personality – hip, fun, simple, classy, elegant - take your pick. 

Whether it’s the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom, our personalized home decor is sure to grab your attention.

Make your bedroom come to life with our decorative throw pillows, designed to suit your mood and personality. Make your kitchen an expression of yourself with our wide range of aprons and tea towels. Make your living room the envy of your neighbors with wall art and wall hangings that’ll change the landscape of urban living. 

And when it’s time to focus on yourself for a bit of that alone time, we design personalized tote bags for you to do your shopping and yoga mat bags that ease you into the art of meditation. 

All gifts are special, but we make it a bit more special by adding a personal touch to your gift – a monogram imprint! Surprise your loved ones with our exclusive range of customized gifts specially designed with care. 

The icing on the cake? All our products are friends of the environment and handcrafted to give you the uniqueness you deserve.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself here 

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