Thanksgiving is coming soon! Now is the time to start thinking about home decor for the upcoming holiday. With proper preparation, your home can help keep your guests happy, relaxed and festive throughout the holiday meal.

1) Provide comfortable seating: Your guests will need somewhere comfortable to sit during and after the meal. Tally your guests in the days before Thanksgiving, then take stock of the chairs in your home. Remember that folding chairs can be uncomfortable for some guests. Provide extra seat cushions, pillows and blankets to guests who need to soften their seats or cover the cold metal surface of the chair.

2) Put out holiday specific decorations:  Your home probably looks beautiful all year round, but decorating with holiday-themed pillows, runners, table cloths and other touches of home will help bring the holiday to life. Remember that your decorations need not refer to Thanksgiving directly to be effective. Capturing the colors of the season and using all-natural materials is often enough to remind your guests about the event at hand.

3) Bring together the decorations with a theme: Themed, matching decorations make your indoor decor more meaningful and attractive. If an overt Thanksgiving motif seems a little heavy handed for you, subtler themes that include animals or reminders of harvest and bounty are both effective alternatives.

4) Make it sparkle: Nights are long in the later part of the year. Make your home a beacon in the darkness by providing extra light in rooms where your guests will gather. Candles, sequins and reflective materials can make your home sparkle and shine. Look for new and creative ways to bounce light around the room with decorative pillows, curtains and blankets decorated with shiny threads and small mirrors.

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Adding small touches of cheer will brighten your home and make your upcoming Thanksgiving one to remember, so get started today!





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