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Thanksgiving is coming soon! Now is the time to start thinking about home decor for the upcoming holiday. With proper preparation, your home can help keep your guests happy, relaxed and festive throughout the holiday meal. 1) Provide comfortable seating: Your guests will need somewhere comfortable to sit during and after the meal. Tally your guests in the days before Thanksgiving, then take stock of the chairs in your home. Remember that folding chairs can be uncomfortable for some guests. Provide extra seat cushions, pillows and blankets to guests who need to soften their seats or cover the cold metal surface...

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Casa Amore News, Decor ideas for Thanksgiving, DIY decor, Holiday Decor, Home decor, Home Decor tips, Inspiring ideas, Personalized Home Decor tips, Store news, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving dinner -

It’s time to start thinking of how to turn an ordinary Thanksgiving celebration into something spectacular. Show your family how much they mean to you by putting your craft skills to work to make personalized Thanksgiving décor and gifts.   We’ve got 5 ideas that will make them go ‘wow’. 1) Light it up: Candles are always in vogue for Thanksgiving. Mix fragrant candles, tiny yellow pumpkins and garlands of berries into a rustic trough-like wooden candle holder to bring light, color and warmth to your Thanksgiving table 2) Make it classy: Use easily available online printables that bring out...

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 At CasaAmore International, we take great pride in our exquisitely handcrafted home furnishings, bags, totes, kitchen linens and holiday gifts. Drawing inspiration from time honored designs from Japan, Europe and India, we imbue our craft with the elegance of crisp Zen air.  Our focus is to bring hand made elegance to our buyers world over.  We design and make our products to the highest standard of quality. We are here to make your home and your life beautiful!   Puja Rai is the inspirational force and the architect of this brand.  Her work is a reflection of the experiences and places she...

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