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DIY Home Decor with recycled mason jars and wine bottles

Do you have a stack of old mason jars and wine bottles piling up into mountains and castles in your house and you don’t know what to do with them? Well, we bring you fun and pocket friendly ideas to recycle them and turn them into beautiful home décor pieces. Give it a try and you will be proud of your masterpiece.

1. Key Hook- Turn your mason jar into a lovely key hook and forget worrying about where you have kept your keys. Use the jar for storing keys or for flowers or other colourful things to brighten up your hallway.

DIY Home Decor 1

2. Gilded Bottle- Flaunt your gilded wine bottle made with leftover candy wrappers. Use it to serve your summer cocktails.

DIY Home Decor 2

3. Mood lighting- Insert some string lights into wine bottles and turn them into beautiful lamps to lift your mood. They may not cast a lot of light but they certainly make a statement. 

DIY Home Decor 3

4. Chalkboard mason jars- Dip large mason jars in chalkboard paint to make customized drinking glasses. They are absolutely perfect for large in-house parties.

DIY Home Decor 4

5. Coastal inspired décor- Wrap your old vases, mason jars and wine bottles in twine and rope and decorate them with flowers and shells for a lovely coastal inspired window display. 

DIY Home Decor 5

6. Herb planter- Save money and grow your herbs using a mason jar. The lid will help hold moisture when required. Now you can plant your favourite herbs and watch them grow.

DIY Home Decor 6


  • Anupa

    Very useful blog.. Amazing tips to deck up interiors.

  • dreamyEnigma

    Cool ideas to turn your junks into style statements!!
    Looking forward to more of them…

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