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Do you have a stack of old mason jars and wine bottles piling up into mountains and castles in your house and you don’t know what to do with them? Well, we bring you fun and pocket friendly ideas to recycle them and turn them into beautiful home décor pieces. Give it a try and you will be proud of your masterpiece. 1. Key Hook- Turn your mason jar into a lovely key hook and forget worrying about where you have kept your keys. Use the jar for storing keys or for flowers or other colourful things to brighten up...

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There are so many fun ways to be creative with things lying around the house that you’ll think twice about throwing anything out after reading these simple DIY tips! Let’s start with some handy personalized home decor DIY tips on how to use and recycle different junk items in your house. Mason jar centerpieces: Mason jars can make for the best centerpieces. The stuff you can do with a single jar is amazing. Our tip? Just place a few handfuls of wheat in a small mason jar and you’ve got a lovely centerpiece. A tinted jar would give it an...

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