5 personalized DIY Home Decor tips

There are so many fun ways to be creative with things lying around the house that you’ll think twice about throwing anything out after reading these simple DIY tips!

Let’s start with some handy personalized home decor DIY tips on how to use and recycle different junk items in your house.

  1. Mason jar centerpieces: Mason jars can make for the best centerpieces. The stuff you can do with a single jar is amazing. Our tip? Just place a few handfuls of wheat in a small mason jar and you’ve got a lovely centerpiece. A tinted jar would give it an even more rustic appeal.

Home Decor Mason jar centerpiece

2. Colander for lights: Use your old kitchen strainers or colanders to make fancy new lamps. Attach a light bulb, string it on the top and voila, you have yourself a brighter home (or at least a brighter kitchen)!

Home Decor Colander for lights

 3. Candle-flower-light dinner: This one’s for when you feel like eating out at home. Decorate your garden or even your porch with a flower pot, place a candle in the middle and give your dinner some mood lighting! 

Home Decor Candle flower light dinner

 4. DIY Easter Ornament: With Easter approaching, here are some new ways to dress those classic Easter eggs. Take some faux Easter eggs, some blue dye and food coloring and a little glitter. What do you get? Magnificent eggs just like these! 

Home Decor Easter Ornament

5. Love thy wine corks: Many of us have a habit of storing wine corks, so why not put them to some good use? Just attach a key ring to the cork hook, put your important keys on your brand new keychain and you’re all set! Go ahead and add your favorite beads & jazz it up in style as you like. 

Home Decor Love thy wine corks

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Andrew Rosemary

Andrew Rosemary

Looks simple and beautiful.Would like to know more of these ideas….

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