My heart fills with gratitude whenever I hear this phrase, ' life doesn't come with manual it comes with mom' (isn’t it). She has been our best friend even before we knew what friendship was, even before we could spell friendship, even before we could pronounce it. We owe so much to her that it's hard to choose the right gift for her on her special day- Mother's Day.

You want to gift her something she'll use all the time, but can't be necessarily a utility item- you want to find something with a sentimental value too. But just chewing over it is not going to help. It will make the whole process harder and before you know it will be mother's day, leaving you empty handed (& you will be in a pretty pickle).

Now here’s the interesting part, everybody has a knack for something. Your mom might be a master chef, she might be a gifted interior designer or she just loves her garden. Think of what makes her happy (besides you, of course!). Something that brings her a little inner happiness in this crazy busy world.

So I am here to assist you to make this mother’s day a special one for her (lucky you!). Obviously, you can't buy a mother's love— but surely you can pamper her with extra love. So here we go,

1. For the mom who’s gardening is her meditation (stress buster): How about bringing some greenery indoors. Gift her a 'Hanging air plant Kit'. This kit comes with everything she needs—Decorative rocks, mossy accents, care instructions & terrarium off course —to help her create and care hanging garden. Buy it here

Hanging Plant Kit

2. For the mom who is a hard worker but is also super stressed out: Gift her this bath bomb made out of pure natural ingredients. She can just pop it in the bath tub and spend a relaxing afternoon lost in its gorgeous fragrance. Buy it here.

Bath Bomb
3. For the mom who is the world best cook and who doesn't need an occasion to throw dinner parties: Gift her personalized pearl string embroidered table mats, made out of blended linen, which she can flaunt. Also, it’s a cute gesture to say, ‘mom, I always miss your cooking’. Buy it here.

Custom Table Mats
4. For the mom who is such a fitness freak that sometimes she takes a nap on her yoga mattress: Gift a personalized yoga mattress bag so she can carry her mattress where ever she wants. Buy it here.

Custom Yoga Bag

5. For the mom who is a dreamer, who is planning to pursue her wanderlust from last decade: Gift her a travel package. This dream holiday will give her memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Travel Package

So get started. Order one of the gifts now and wait for it to show up on your doorstep and watch as mom opens with awe. Let's say this will be the most adorable and easiest Mother’s Day yet. ( Well, you can thank me later).

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