Gotta love weddings! The flowers, the music, the presence of true love, the sound of celebration, the cake, the decorations and the dancing.

In all of this, it’s only natural for you to be fretting about whether everything is perfect. And in order to be perfect, you need to do things differently. On that note, here are some décor ideas that are sure to make your wedding day perfect-er!

  • 1) Romantic chandeliers at every table: If you are having an outdoor wedding, some makeshift chandeliers in the garden can make the setting even more beautiful and romantic. You can pick the style of chandeliers that go with the rest of your wedding theme and sip away that wine at dusk.
  • Wedding Theme Decor 1

  • 2) Mason jar centerpieces: It’s amazing how much a little jar can do in beautifying your wedding set even more. From putting small flowers and plants in the jar to making into a lamp with a candle inside, the options are countless.

    Wedding theme decor 2

    3) A family tree: Add photos of yours and your fiancé’s most cherished moments with the family – the parents, the grandparents, the siblings and the loving aunts and uncles. Frame ‘em up put them up on a tree trunk. After all, it’s their day too!

    Wedding theme decor 3

  • 4) An aisle that’s also a bridge: Imagine walking down the aisle on a bridge amid trees, flowers and your loved ones standing on either side. Get that fairy tale wedding you’ve always wanted with a happily forever after.

  • Wedding theme decor 4
  • 5) White gold tableware: Nothing says sophistication like white gold tableware. Given that it goes with your wedding theme, add white and gold plates, wine glasses, forks, knives and spoons. Add a fairy tale meal to that fairy tale dream.

    Wedding theme decor 5

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