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Gotta love weddings! The flowers, the music, the presence of true love, the sound of celebration, the cake, the decorations and the dancing. In all of this, it’s only natural for you to be fretting about whether everything is perfect. And in order to be perfect, you need to do things differently. On that note, here are some décor ideas that are sure to make your wedding day perfect-er! 1) Romantic chandeliers at every table: If you are having an outdoor wedding, some makeshift chandeliers in the garden can make the setting even more beautiful and romantic. You can pick...

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Make the most memorable day of life even more special by picking a theme that’s out of this world. The key is not to overdo things and make sure every aspect of your wedding screams elegance and sophistication. The important thing in order to have a theme wedding is consistency, authenticity and making sure nothing is out of place. Keeping that mind, here are 6 different yet beautiful wedding themes: 1) Forest-themed wedding: For a forest-themed wedding, you need to have a backyard or a garden obviously with decorations that are rustic such as pine cones, birdcages, tree branches and...

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