At CasaAmore International, we take great pride in our exquisitely handcrafted home furnishings, bags, totes, kitchen linens and holiday gifts. Drawing inspiration from time honored designs from Japan, Europe and India, we imbue our craft with the elegance of crisp Zen air.  Our focus is to bring hand made elegance to our buyers world over.  We design and make our products to the highest standard of quality. We are here to make your home and your life beautiful!  

Puja Rai is the inspirational force and the architect of this brand.  Her work is a reflection of the experiences and places she has lived in.  She grew up in the foothills of Himalayas and picked up a natural love for things pure and elegant.  Her grandmother and her mother had the biggest hand in it.  The warmth of her grandmother’s handmade quilt, the softness of the clothes that she stitched for her and the beauty of her crochet dolls became etched in Puja’s memories and inspired her to take up artisanal work during the latter part of her life.

She went to a boarding school (Sherwood College in the Himalayan town of Nainital) where she got an opportunity to refine her skills.  Her life continued on its course—she got an MBA from a well know business school (Symbiosis, Pune) and then worked at several Fortune 500 companies (Pepsi, GE, P&G). She lived in Japan for 10 years.  Through all this, her passion for things crafted with hand did not diminished. She stopped working in the corporate world and started a line of prestige home decor items.  Crafted with care, these will elevate the atmosphere.  

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Cinda Van Winkle

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