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First of all, let me tell you all college babes that you gonna spend hell more time in your dorm room than your college. From sleeping (ahem..), to studying, to chilling out, to napping occasionally, to eating your reheated pizza at 3 AM, your dorm room is pretty much your home with freedom and independence.So to make your college time the best time of your life, you need a perfectly chic dorm decor that suits and speaks for you. This is will definitely make your college time way lot better.

Now when it comes to styling your dorm it can be overwhelming at first. Well, it’s quite simple actually, go with the kind of person you are or just the way you feel (or want to feel). Whether you are a chic and sleek girl, bohemian babe, super preppy or you prefer tropical vibes, you can style your dorm the way you want and get the desired look within your bohemian budget.

So here are few dorm decor essentials (ideas) that will give your room a desired look effortlessly.

1. Mandala Tapestry for BOHEMIAN Decor: Fundamentally, a bohemian decor is dreamy and relaxing. More than just psychedelic look it lowers your stress levels. The Bohemian decor is full of life, culture and interesting things for all the world to see. It beautifully blends the unusual and carefree attitude with modern sensibilities. So here’s a Mandala Tapestry that will immediately add a Boho edge to your decor. It's eye catching and multi-purpose too. It can be used as wall hanging, bed cover or table cover. Buy Now

Mandala Tapestry for Bohemian Decor

2. Sheer Ruffle Curtains for MODERN Decor: Modern dorm decor is a perfect fusion of various opposing and complementing decor styles. Minimalism, glamor and ethnic all fuse in a perfect blend for this 21st-century setting. If you wish to give a glamours flair to your life then this style is for you. This style experiments with clean single color patterns. This sheer ruffles window treatment will give a perfect protection and add that edge experimental touch to your decor. Keep it classy with this Amore Beaute’s Curtain. Shop Now

Ivory Ruffle Georgette Sheer Curtain

3. Funny Pillow cover for PREPPY Decor: This is for you preppy girl who wants to make a statement in preppy style. Decor style that is elegant, classy and yes damn pretty at the same time. Moreover here is something if you wish to create a dorm room that screams ‘preppy!’ This funny quote throw pillow cover speaks for itself while adding preppy charm to your dorm decor. Get your customized message pillow cover here

Be Nice Or Leave Hand Embroidered Linen Pillow Cover

4. Embroidered Pillow cover for TROPICAL Decor: Although some may think it a cartoonish but tropical style is exactly opposite. If you are the one who loves sea or gonna miss one then this theme will make you feel good and nostalgic. Tropical dorm decor should be vibrant but not garish at all. The lively overtones should be grounded in dignity. The exotic overtone that empowers the decor is what makes the dorm lively and laid back (exactly the way you like). This Burlap pillow cover with embroidered blue sea fan motif is a perfect start for tropical decor. This pillow is accented with sea life for a vibrant oceanic feel. Check out other variations too. Shop Now

Oceanic Burlap Pillow Cover

So hurry up ‘Back to School’ shopping season is on. Make your dorm decor the way you wish because this is going to happen only once in the lifetime. Let me know any interesting ideas or your queries (Just drop ‘Hi email’ to me for special tips about dorm decor) Have a time of your life!

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