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Hello all, going to live in a dorm is like a larva coming out of the cocoon. Full of new experiences. Excited? Here are 6 interesting things about dorm life. Check out the video below.  Tell us more about your experiences if we missed any. (We know there are million dorm survival secrets.. only six.. really?) Meanwhile, you can check out awesome dorm decor collection here

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First of all, let me tell you all college babes that you gonna spend hell more time in your dorm room than your college. From sleeping (ahem..), to studying, to chilling out, to napping occasionally, to eating your reheated pizza at 3 AM, your dorm room is pretty much your home with freedom and independence.So to make your college time the best time of your life, you need a perfectly chic dorm decor that suits and speaks for you. This is will definitely make your college time way lot better. Now when it comes to styling your dorm it can...

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