Its a day before my husband’s landmark birthday and we had plans.  We had planned for a long time for this day.  It was going to be in Italy with our friends and family.  A dream vacation we had waited for. But first week of April 2021, and our lives and of almost every one in India changed.  In just two weeks many of our family and friends were infected in varying degree.  Some recovered in days and others were fighting for survival.  Those healthy were frantically arranging for vanishing medical support. The country ran out of hospital beds, medicines and even oxygen. Every morning came with news of funeral services and need for help.


My world was turning upside down and I was at my lowest.  Probably that is how depression and extreme emotional exhaustion feels.  At one point I turned off my phone and decided to cut off from the world to get back my normal life.  But this did not help. My family, friends and colleagues needed me. There had to be a way of dealing with it all and I had to find a solution from within me.  Time was running faster than ever. 


One morning, there were loud chirping and scurrying outside my bedroom window.  I had over slept and missed feeding the birds and squirrels who came to visit. They too needed me.  I gave them food and water, turned on my phone and opened out the windows. It was that moment when it became crystal clear - I was lucky to be safe this far and it was my duty to help whoever I could. 

Each one of us in this crisis has found our own coping mechanism.  I had found mine - 

1. Relive happy memories and be thankful each for each day

2. Be there for as many as possible 

Here is a list of activities that give purpose to life and is helping me cope with each day.  

There are moments when I need to be stronger and happier.  But getting back to my list helps me stay a bit more positive and happy. 


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