Considering new curtains to go with your home décor and theme? Well, no need to be in the dark anymore. Here are our simple tips and advice for picking out curtains just for you. No one really constantly changes their curtains easily, that is why our curtains need to be perfect. Amore Beaute has suitable curtains for all weathers, while keeping your privacy from the surroundings. The customization of the sizes makes the curtains apt for the living room, bedroom or kitchen. We are here to help you sum up all the important things that you might need to know, while guiding you to your dream curtains.


Living room curtains - Keep it cozy with lined curtains or thick felt curtains, they block out any unwanted street lights. Style is key here so go for the set that will complement the rest of the room. You can also consider thermal curtains for winter to keep the home warm and heating bills lower.

Bedroom curtains - The bedroom is a place to relax and recharge, most see it as their personal sanctuary. Blackout curtains or light filtering curtains are ideal for here as they are the best for a good night's sleep. Plus they are a lifesaver in the lighter summer months. They are also great for hotter climate areas as they keep the heat out. 

 Kids bedroom curtains - Jazz up their bedrooms with curtains in bold and funky colors or statement embroideries or prints. It will give the immediate happiness vibe. Keeping the room joyful.


A curtain heading is the top piece of the curtain, that attaches to a pole or track. This is a really important part as it can dramatically change the whole look of the curtain. 


Eyelet curtains - These curtain headings have metal rings punched at the top which smoothly glide along a curtain pole. They hang in wide, even folds for a smart and stylish finish.


Tunnel Tab - These curtain heading have a tabs on the reverse side that allow the rod to go through.  They are similar to rod pockets.  But create large and wholesome pleats.  These tend to be the most commonly used style. 


Pleated curtains - These curtain headings have hooks attached along the header which are used to attach to a track or pole. Giving them a ruched, gathered look with many folds. Amore Beaute can custom make double and triple pleat curtains and in regular and French style.


Tab top curtains - These curtain headings are evenly spaced leather or fabric loops through which a curtain pole or rod can be threaded, this is a neat solution and doesn't give folds in the curtain. Amore Beaute goes in extra mile by attaching rings that allow the curtains to glide easily.


The correct size measurements are really important for curtains as it really matters. These are a few ways on how to get the sizing right. 

Measuring the width of the curtain 

Think about where you want your curtains to sit in relation to the window. Be sure to measure the full length of the track and add on any overlapping area.

Measuring your curtain length

Make sure to check the drop lengths available in your chosen option. Where should the curtains drop to? We recommend:

- Curtains that fall below the sill finish 5-6 inches below.
- Floor length curtains just touch the floor unless you would like to create a romantic look by having them longer sitting in a pool.


For curtains hanging from a pole, measure from the top of the frame to the floor to get the full drop.


If the curtain is listed to be machine washable, clean a pair of curtains together. Wool felt and velvet curtains usually need to be professionally dry cleaned, but linen curtains can usually be washed at 40 degrees and smoothed out with a medium iron. Make sure to check your curtain's care instructions beforehand.

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