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Free Shipping on all orders
Free Shipping on all orders

Private listing for Megan - 10 customized beige burlap aprons - Expedited shipping

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  • $354.41

Custom order for 10 natural beige burlap aprons with logo printed on them.  

Burlap full kitchen apron for women in multiple burlap (jute, hessian) colors. A chef's and baker's best friend, this burlap apron gives you joy in your kitchen. They can be used at stores,restaurants, wineries, farmer markets, BBQ, etc.The four good size pockets give ample room to keep your tools.

The burlap apron is lined with a soft polycot and the strings are made from soft linen cotton blend fabric. The three fabric give the apron the chic look and softness.

Reference listing - https://www.etsy.com/listing/118910551/burlap-full-kitchen-apron-for-women-in

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