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Custom Order - Two Olive Green Felt Curtains With Single Pleats and Hook Tape

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Custom listing for two olive green wool felt curtains with hook tape and cotton lining.  The curtains are crafted from soft felt fabric that is about 2 mm thick. They will bring warmth and elegance to your room décor. The curtain does not block light. It will be backed by cotton lining to reduce the amount of light that filters through. The lining is not same as black out lining.

- Sold individually. This listing is for two curtain panels only
- Heading - tape for hook
- 7.6 cm (3 inches) fold at the bottom end
- Spot cleaning. Dry Clean

Note - the olive green felt curtain is only to show the color and not the stitching style.

(i) Curtain fabric: Olive green wool felt lined with white cotton.

(ii) Construction: Single pleat with cotton lining. About 17-20 cm gap between pleats. To reduce the volume, lining will start from below the top fold. About 7 cm fold at the bottom.

(iii) Size: Pleated panel width will be about 200 cm wide. Curtain length will be about 213 cm. The curtain width will be created by joining two or more panels along the length. The stitching will be done professionally. However, the stitching line will be visible to a keen eye.

(iv) Quantity: Two large windows with 2 curtains per window. A total of 4 curtains.

(v) Hook Tape: The hook tape will be stitched about 2-3 millimeters below the top end of the curtain.  The tape will be as seen in the picture.

(vi) Stitch two panels together: Two panels will be stitched along the length to create 2 wider panels rather than 4 panels. 

(vii) Pleat: Each pleat to measure 3.5 cm deep. Refer to attached picture. Each curtain will have about 2.5 or more panels stitched along the length to create the required pleat. 

(viii) The hook should sit about 2 cm from the top.  The first notch will be 2 cm from the top of the curtain.  However, the exact position will depend on the style of hook used.  

Cost per panel = $476
Cost for 4 panels = $1904

Cost After 10% Discount = $1713.6

Any customs duty/VAT applied needs to be paid at your end. 


This order will be shipped through UPS. It may be shipped in two lots for smooth customs processing. Customs clearance in Switzerland may take longer than usual.
Curtain panels may need to be ironed before hanging (to smoothen folds and creases).

Shipping Cost: FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world. Making time will be 2-3 weeks.

Guarantee and Exchange Policy: 30 Day exchange and money back guarantee.  For policies, please Click Here

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