Free Shipping on all orders
Free Shipping on all orders

Custom order for 160 aprons. Expedited Shipping

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  • $3,710

Private listing for 160 natural burlap aprons.  Logo as per high resolution image file (use PMS 7620c for red).  To be delivered on or before October 24.  All aprons to be similar size.

Logo size - Approximately 4 inches.

- Four good size pockets for ample room to keep tools
- Strings made from soft cotton blend
- Backed by lining
- Spot cleaning
- Hanger not included

$670 of expedited shipping cost is included in the price.  If there is any change in the shipping charges, it will be informed separately.

Shipping Cost: FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world; usually ships within 4 to 5 business days 

Guarantee and Exchange Policy: 30 Day exchange and money back guarantee.  For policies, please Click Here