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2.0 Custom Listing For Hide Uniform - Shirt and Aprons

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This is a custom listing for 60 Shirts, 15 Aprons in sizes and colors as mentioned below:

20 x S size 
20 x M size
15 x L size
= 55 shirts Total


15 x brown linen male aprons
(i) Fabric: Shirts will be stitched in polycot fabric.  Fabric colour will be similar to the samples sent by Hide and the previous order completed by Amore Beauté  (please note that it may not be an exact match).
Fabric: Aprons will be handcrafted from 25 lea linen fabric.  Fabric colour will be  similar to the samples sent by Hide (please note that it may not be an exact match).  It will be exactly the same color as those sent as time.  Logo will be embroidered on each apron (in a style similar to that on the samples).
(ii) Piece to piece variation: Each shirt is carefully cut and stitched one piece at a time.  Due to the very nature of this process, there may be minor variation among the pieces.  Also, please note that there may be shade variation due to fabric lot changes.
(iii) Shirt Size: Shirts will be made per size chart shared with and approved by Hide on July 7, 2021.  Samples (one in each of the sizes for the skirts) will also be shared with Hide before start of production.  
Apron will be made per size chart shared with and approved by Hide on July 7, 2021.  Please advise if samples are needed.
Shirts will be made as per the sizes made in the previous order by Amore Beauté.
(iv) Care: Spot cleaning or gentle wash.  Do not bleach.
(v) Shipping: Order will be shipped through UPS / DHL / FedEx or India Post.  Shipping may be staggered, i.e., the total quantity may be divided into multiple shipments that are sent separately. Shipping cost is a rough estimate of actuals.
(vi) Duty and tax: You will be responsible for any duty or tax charges applied in your country of import.  The goods will be shipped from India.
(vii) Returns: not accepted for this order
(viii) Timeline: Shipments will commence from 4 weeks from the date of payment.  
(i) 55 shirts pcs @GBP 12.34 = GBP 678.7 (Adjustment against skirts order - payment done)
    15 apron pcs @GBP 23.80 = GBP 357
(ii) Shipping (LS) = GBP 104
(iii) Total = GBP 357+ 104 (GBP 461) = USD 595.03 (GBP = 1.29 USD)
Note - Per piece cost for shirts is the same as last year. In the linen apron there is an increase of GPB 1 per apron.