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Know secrets about Ivory, Gray and Beige and what they mean to Woman

Great painter Paul Klee said it so right, ‘ color is the place where our brain and the universe meet’. Color is more than just a visual treat, it's an emotion.

Every woman has a signature color (Mine is black!). Whole fashion industry stands on this (It's no secret) There is more meaning to every color that a woman wears than just the appearance. Like black e.g. women wearing black, on contrary to popular belief lead more colorful lives (yes, I do!). So let us check out some designer’s favorite colors and what they mean to women,

Ivory: It is an off-white color that resembles the color of tusks of elephants. It's a soft neutral color which isn’t completely white and has some earthiness of light yellow or brown. Ivory represents calmness, pleasantness with a touch of luster. Milk white, pearl are synonyms to an ivory color.

For a woman, ivory color has been her favorite as it carries the pureness, cleanliness, and softness of white with a rich warmer touch. Women wearing ivory white resemble the one with peace of mind. It is the color of simplicity with elegance.

An interesting fact is, this was the first color which helped create buttons, piano keys, ornamental pieces (way before plastic screwed it all). And yes, let's not forget 14th wedding anniversary is also called as an ivory anniversary. Check out some elegant ivory anniversary gifts here.


Gray: Gray is a sensational color. Gray loving women are intelligent, knowledgeable and wise (they are, I know few). They just don’t get excited about everything, they are practical, calm and composed. It is the color that resembles dignity and authority. If you are gray lover then you are pretty neutral about life.

However here is the interesting fact- the Human eye can distinguish about 500 shades of gray. Wearing gray often suggests efficiency and mostly used in the business world but it may also suggest a lack of imagination, so wear carefully. Using a proper gray shade with a hint of another color will definitely bring out your efficient personality. Moreover gray is a perfect neutral color that’s why it is been used by so many designers as the background color.

Final word- this is the color of a business woman. Go gray, conquer the corporate world! Check out.


Beige: This color can be described as pale sandy pawn color. The word ‘beige’ comes from a French word which means natural wool. Not bleached nor dyed, it’s natural color. Beige has been traditionally a background color. In fashion it symbolizes simplicity & warmth. Beige is mostly combined with other colors. It’s a conservative and calm color, perfect color for home decor. Interesting fact- recently NASA has found out the color of the universe, the outer space and it is beige. No wonder it's so universal color (literally!). Beige comes in various shades- cosmic latte, cream, unbleached silk, buff, desert sand, khaki & more. Check out some amazing beige home decor here.

Tell me your favorite color and we will discuss what it means to you in fashion or in decor. Write your queries in the comment section.


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