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Handmade Pottery in Icheon, South Korea

Collecting handmade pottery is one of my greatest passions.  Its my way of disconnecting from the world and floating in to a rhythmic, peaceful and infinite world. My love for pottery began when I moved to Japan over 20 years back and was hosting some lovely ladies from the Church.  Up until then pottery was a mom's thing and I was still in my early 20s.  Disposables and funky plastics were just fine. 
Just before the 2020 pandemic we moved to South Korea.  My love for handmade pottery found the ideal place to explore Korean handmade pottery -Icheon.  Its an entire village of potters. This became my go-to-weekend place.  

On one of my trips I was the first one to reach and patiently sat with the cats while the studios opened for the day.
Handmade pottery in South Korea

Amore Beaute on a pottery quest in South Korea
I tried my hand at making a simple cup.  But it takes 10,000 hours to be a master, who can make it seem so simple. Even though my cup didn't really look like one, I am glad my quest and passion for handcrafted things found a new form in a new land. 
These memories will stay with me for a long time and I carried a number of handmade pottery pieces which I will love to share once I am back home in India.  


  • Puja

    Hello Christina, Yes, each visit to the potter’s village was very special and there were so much to learn and take home.

  • Christina

    Beautiful pictures of potter’s village near Seoul. Looks like you enjoyed your visit.

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