Through ages Emerald has been considered a symbol of truth and love. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed it to be the gemstone of goddess Venus.  Thousands of miles away the Incas also held emerald in reverence. The Egyptians considered it to be the source of eternal life.


Emerald Green Velvet Pouch, Pyramid Pouch, triangle purse, velvet clutch
Emerald Green Velvet Pyramid Pouch - An ode to the Egyptian architecture and reverence for the color

In apparel, accessories or decor, this color is certainly a bold choice. The color has rich and deep tones that add luxe layer to a decor. Emerald green is also a great choice for the bedroom. It can be the upholstery color for your headboard or can be layered into your bedding.


Emerald Green Velvet Quilt, Green Velvet Quilt, Handmade Quilt, Pick Stitch Quilt
Handmade Emerald Green Velvet Pick Stitch Quilt


Emerald Green Velvet Curtain, Green Velvet Curtains, Cotton Velvet, Custom curtains, Bespoke Curtains
If you are more of a cautious decorator, add this bold color in moderation through some small lumbar pillows on your couch or bed.  A few emerald green accessories and art pieces around your home can easily work magic. Whether it is just a few small touches or an entire wall in your favorite room, this yummy color is sure to be the statement of your decor. 
Emerald Green Velvet Pillow, Green Throw Pillow Case, Green Throw Pillow, Lumbar Pillow, Lumbar Throw Pillows

Love to hear your thoughts on how to use the color.  

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