Ladies, Wedding season, wow! (we love them, don't we?). Today we will talk about the newly weds (It’s the best time I bet). With marriage, comes the ultimate life changing decision of moving in together. I am sure it's exciting (It’s fun) but it may create some tensions with your partner, especially if he has a different decor taste. You must be loving ruffled throw pillows and baby pink curtains but I am sure he might have an another take on it. You and your spouse may not see eye to eye on some decor ideas but that’s alright. We must work it out and that’s where compromise plays a huge role in every decor decision and purchase, for your new nest.

Well, now you must be going through dozens of home decor websites, jumping from one shop to another in search of that one perfect piece for your living room, bedroom or study room, and yes without burning a big hole in your pocket… phew, that’s quite a task, isn’t it?

Don’t worry my friend, Here’s a list of unique and affordable decor ideas/ items that will turn your nest into your love paradise.

Also, there are some SMART TIPS related to each product Check out

1) Throw Pillow covers: Your bedroom or living room is incomplete with out some comfy & fluffy pillows. They are an essential for your decor. For living room add these gorgeous rustic charm throw pillows (You know men love it). Also, these will become a great weapon in your pillow fights. Yes, they are very durable and tested for that :) Check out

Decorative throw pillows

Smart Tip: If you already have house & wish to alter the color theme of the decor, changing sofa, wall paints may go out of your budget. With pillows, just change the covers with the desired theme and it will give a fresh look to your decor.

2) Tea Towels: Call it a tea towel or dish cloth is an essential in your kitchen decor. This tea bags with funny quotes will make your kitchen talk.You can check these lovely cotton tea towels here. You can also get your personalized one, like the one with your names (I recommend it!). Check here.

Tea towels

Smart Tip: Living together is a team work where everybody contributes. These tea towels with cute and funny messages would act as reminders that kitchen belongs to him also, not just you.

3) Table Runners: Now, this is as important as the table in dining room. I am sure you will pick the best table for your dining room as that’s the place where your satisfy your taste buds and discuss a lot of important stuff too. These table runner will give a stylish look and spice it up by adding life to your table’s wooden structure. You can customize or monogram it with initials. Check out table runners here

Table runner

Smart Tip: If you are expecting a big house party and you need to join two table for dining then table runner is your savior. Just spread it over where two tables meet and you will get a perfect look of a big classy dining table.

4) Wall hangings: Time to add some life to your bare walls.They can bring life in the room. A perfect wall hanging can impact your mood and your health. From images to quotes wall hanging comes in numerous styles. These monogram wall hanging will give a royal personal appeal. You can, of course, customize it as per you initials and mark your territory :)

Wall hanging

Smart Tip: Due to budget if your room doesn’t have much of the furniture, just add a wall cool wall hanging. It gives a feeling of completeness even to a minimal decor.

5) Bed spreads: These are very special and very important part of your decor. The texture and coziness of the bedspread are what one should look for, more than just going for design. Here are some classy handmade bedspreads that will surely resist you from getting out of bed.

Luxury teal velvet bedcover

Smart Tip: If you have a limited budget then you can cut on bed skirts by using these over flowing velvet bed spreads. This classy velvet bedspread is so big that it run down till it touches the floor. Check out here

So here are some of my decor Ideas. Finally, A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person (Now that’s too philosophical). I would rather say marriage is something in which you get to annoy your special person for rest of your life. What say? Share your thoughts. Happy life!

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