There are a number of ways to make a room come to life. This one’s for everyone out there who has small or midsized living rooms. It’s time you transform those mini spaces with mega style! Here are our top design secrets for how to get the most out of your living rooms by making every inch count. With these 5 tips, you can make your living room appear much bigger than it actually is and more beautiful than ever.

1. Put up a fancy chandelier: A chandelier will give your living room a sense of grandeur and depending on how high up you fix it, the room will look that much taller. The alternative to this is also putting up a couple of tall lamps overlooking the furniture. 

Home Living Decor 1

2. Round tables: Put up a couple of round tables instead of the traditional square or rectangular tables, place a small centerpiece and see the difference. 

Home Living Decor 2

3. Mirror on the wall: Use the biggest wall in the room to place a big, square mirror. Along with giving your living room a great look, it will also add to the illusion of having a bigger living room.

Home Living Decor 3

4. Keep the furniture small: Wherever possible, try to keep your furniture minimal. Try to use items that are foldable and can be put away when not needed, to make extra space.

Home Living Decor 4

5. Large art: Use large pieces of art on your walls, whether it’s a hanging or a wallpaper, make sure it takes up a large part of your wall. The idea is to place it vertically straight to make your room look taller.

Home Living Decor 5

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