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White Leopard Wall Art

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Hand beaded black and white leopard on forest green cotton fabric to create a masterpiece wall art. Leopards have featured in art, mythology and folklore of many countries. In Greek mythology, it was a symbol of the God Dionysus, who was depicted wearing a leopard skin and using leopards as means of transportation. The Ashanti tribe in Africa used the leopard as a symbol of leadership, and only the king was permitted to have a ceremonial leopard stool. Some African cultures considered the leopard to be a smarter, better hunter than the lion and harder to kill. This wall art can be used as a luxurious wall piece or for it symbolic meaning.

Unframed Pop-art wall décor for all the retro pop art lovers. We share your passion and here is my ode to the art. Eye caching detailed beadwork on heavy pure cotton. Each bead is hand-stitched one at a time to ensure this piece of art will retain its form and stays with you for a real long time.

This listing is for unframed "Beaded Leopard" wall art.

On purchase you will receive a finished edge beaded pop art. The pop art can be easily framed at home or by a professional framer.

Currently, I am only offering this unframed. However, I am learning framing and shortly, will offer it with a modern and minimalist frame keeping your beaded pop art the focal point.

The linen is made from Belgian flax and one rapier mills. The rapier mill allows only the best quality yarn to be spun into fabric


  • Beads hand stitched on to cotton fabric
  • Backed by cotton lining
  • Spot cleaning



  • Available in multiple sizes.  
  • Please select the size you like from the pull down menu


Feel free to contact for embroidering any other pattern/words for a frame

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