Free Shipping on all orders
Free Shipping on all orders

All About Your Home

Our Promise: 


We provide products and services of superior quality and value that help make people's homes and spaces beautiful.  

How we do it: 

  1. Personalized; because it is all about You.  We offer a customized approach to design that is tailored to your needs and brings out how you want to live.

  2. Superior quality.  Each piece is crafted with utmost care so that you receive only the best.  Numerous in-process and finished product quality checks are designed to guarantee your satisfaction.  

  3. Superior value.  No middlemen.  No luxury or department store markups.  We make the products ourselves and ship these directly to you.  We offer FREE shipping and FREE returns.

  4. People love us (and we love them!).  If you are not fully satisfied with our products, we will do what it takes to make it right.  


Our founder:

Amore Beaute founder

I grew up in the foothills of Himalayas and picked up a natural love for things pure and elegant. My grandmother and my mother had the biggest hand in it. I still remember the warmth of my grandmother’s hand made quilt, the softness of the clothes that she stitched for me and my brother and the beauty of her crochet dolls.

I went to a boarding school (in a Himalayan town of course!) where I got an opportunity to refine my needle work skills. Life continued on its course—I got an MBA from a top B-school, I worked at several Fortune 500 companies (Pepsi, GE, P&G), lived in Japan for 10 years...but through all this, my passion for things crafted with hand never diminished. I am now living my passion. I have stopped working at a Fortune 500 company and have started working full time towards my passion—my family and my craft. After living in Japan for so long, I try to imbue my craft with the elegance of crisp Zen air.  Now I extensively travel between my home in South Korea and India, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of India and East Asia.

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In the news: 

A big thank you to all the wonderful blogs, sites, The New Yorker and other publications that have featured our products. Thank you so much to all the below ... and many more that we may have missed listing.

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Some of our products in their homes:

Amore Beaute Felt curtainAmore Beaute Linen Embroidered CurtainAmore Beaute RV curtain
Amore Beaute Monogram Pillow
Amore Beaute Felt curtain
Amore Beaute throw pillow
Velvet curtain
Amore Beaute Throw Pillows
Amore Beaute velvet quilt
Amore Beaute monogram pillows
Amore Beaute quilt
Amore Beaute tree skirtAmore Beaute velvet curtainAmore Beaute Velvet curtain
Amore beaute quiltAmore Beaute velvet curtainAmore Beaute quiltAmore Beaute velvet curtainAmore Beaute quiltAmore Beaute embroidered duvet coverAmore Beaute quiltAmore Beaute felt throw pillow