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Are you the owner of an RV in desperate need of a remodel? Maybe it’s been your family’s home on the road for years, or perhaps you just bought your first fixer-upper camper. Either way, renovations for even a small vehicle can quickly become expensive and time-consuming.

Luckily, there are many ways to rehab your home away from home without breaking your back or the bank. The right interior decor can breathe new life into a well-worn RV or camper and give tight spaces a contemporary feel and usefulness. We’ve pulled together eight fabulous, flexible decor options that will work in just about any recreational vehicle. Check these out!

Sheer Linen Curtains

Depending on the layout of your travel home, it might be tough to keep things bright without leaving the curtains to your windows open. A great compromise is some lightweight natural linen curtains. Here’s a great set we recommend! Even if you draw them, you’ll get a nice amount of natural light while still blocking out some of the heat.

Amore Beaute Sheer Linen Curtains

Felt Curtains

Curtains can also be used to make any room in your RV or Camper feel a little cozier! They can also serve as a pop of color that will save you from having to repaint, like this lovely set here. Felt curtains are also quite durable and machine washable, making them perfect for life on the open road.

Amore Beaute Felt Curtains

 Some Colorful Throw Pillows

Want to spice up that window seat without having to reupholster? Some well-made throw pillows might be just the trick! They’ll add a great bit of flair to space and help make the room more comfortable, giving you something to place between your back and a wall. Check out these fun pop art linen throw pillow covers we found here.

A Cozy Cotton - Silk Throw Blanket

Just like throw pillows, a decorative but functional throw can make any sitting area in your RV or Camper that much more comfortable. A well-made silk-cotton blend, like this one here, is perfect for travel because it will give that ideal layer of warmth on a summer evening while not getting uncomfortably hot on a sunny day. 

Amore Beaute Cotton Silk Throw

A Great Floor Pouf

Even if your travels involve a lot of time outdoors, the condensed layout of your home on wheels can pretty quickly lead to a bit of cabin fever. We love adding a pouf to your RV or Camper furniture because it turns just about anywhere into another space to unwind. It’s also great for pulling up another chair when you’ve got company over or stretching out and putting your feet up. You get a lot of new ways to relax with just one pouf!

Amore Beaute Velvet Pouf

Some Fabric Baskets for Storage

Plentiful storage is the key to keep your interior both useful and spacious. If your cabinets are getting a little full, or you just want some easier access to your most commonly used items, these stylish fabric baskets might be just the thing! You can also use one to replace that bulky, plastic laundry hamper you can never find a good place for.

The Perfect Piece of Wall Art

Painting and wall art are a staple in most people’s homes or apartments, yet this decor option often goes overlooked when restyling an RV or camper. Part of the issue may be finding some cute options that are small enough to be a comfortable fit. This ivory burlap flower art is only 12” x 12” and is available in a wide range of colors. The fabric design may also help it feel more cohesive in a small but cozy space. 

Linen Placemats

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t set a lovely table for two! We love these linen placemats for a kitchen dinette because they’re easy to wash and keep clean, plus they’re understated enough to not feel out of place on a small table. Depending on the size of yours, you might even be able to use one as a mini table runner!

Wrapping Up

Starting with updated furniture and decor in your RV or camper is a great way to determine what remodels are truly necessary. It’s very easy to feel like an unsightly or uncomfortable spot needs to be completely ripped out and redone, but sometimes, they just need the right finishing touch. No matter what you decide, all of these options will stay stylish and useful for years of traveling.

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