For a couple, wedding is their special day.  Most duos do not want their ceremony to be formulaic – walk down the aisle, exchange vows, kiss… and voila! You are married!  Couples want to scrap the formula.  And replace the standard with personalized features that will make this special occasion memorable, sentimental and of course, more personal!  To help plan a wedding that feels individual, we are sharing seven ways you can personalize your wedding.

1 Design your custom wedding invitation

Personalized wedding invitation


Add character to your wedding invitations by having them customized. Rather than having a basic design used by thousands of couples, put your stamp on your invites. Your guests will be thankful for the personal touch.

2   Ask a parent or your friends to officiate

Personalized wedding ceremony

Did you know anyone can officiate a wedding? It's true. Your wedding doesn't have to be officiated by a stranger. Instead, you can have a loved one perform your ceremony. If there's someone close to you, why not have them ordained, so they can oversee the union of you and your significant other?

3  Offer guests your favorite wine

Personalized wedding wine

When is there a better opportunity to drink your favorite wine than your wedding day? Don't put any old rosé on the menu; make your wine choice as meaningful as the rest of your day. Your personalized wine list might include the wine you and your partner had on your first date, or it might be a family favorite you know everyone will love. Even a detail as small as wine can make your wedding feel more personal!

4  Customized and monogrammed shorts for your girlfriends

Amore Beaute Monogrammed PJ Shorts in Cotton

From planning, personalizing, preparing and calming nerves on the big day, your girlfriends put so much into making your special day as magical as possible! Show your appreciation for the ladies in your life by gifting them customized and monogrammed lounging shorts for your bachelorette party. Matching shorts will make you feel like a team as you embark on the big day and the next chapter of your life!

5  Custom gifts for bridesmaids

Bespoke velvet clutch bags for personalized weddings

We all experience post-wedding blues—and your bridesmaids are no exception. After months planning a wedding together, regular life resumes and you might not see your girl friends as much! Remind those closest to you of how much you appreciate them by gifting a customized bag for your bridesmaids. Choose between a clutch, purse, makeup bag or travel purse. Every time they use this bag, they’ll be reminded of how special they are to you.

6     Add a photo wall

Custom wedding photowall

Photo walls are a fun and interactive way to personalize your wedding. Have your wedding guests take photos using a Polaroid camera and stick it to your photo wall. After your wedding day, you can take the photo wall home with you and have a personalized memento.

7 Gift your guest’s mini candles in your favorite scent

Wedding gift candles

If you're looking for a gift to give your guests when they leave your wedding, why not choose personalized scented candles? Fill your loved one's homes with your favorite scent. Smells retain memories. Every time your guests light their candles, they'll think of you and your wedding day.

If you have a slightly higher gifting budget, why not give warm and cozy pure linen or felt monogram pillows? Adding personal touches to their home provides a personalized display of your ongoing appreciation.

Amore Beaute Monogram Pillow for Personalized Wedding Gifts


Your wedding day should be all about you! And with these seven ways to personalize the day, it can be! Make your wedding a memorable occasion with personalized gifts and decor.



















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