Sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and a good book is perfect for some of that alone time we all crave for once in a while. So why not personalize it and make it more comfortable and relaxing? Here are some interesting ideas to make your porch more welcoming for others and more homely for you:

Decorative side table: You can either buy a small round wooden table or if you’re into DIY, then take a big barrel, saw it in half and decorate it with a little lamp, candles and a vase. 

Home Styling 1

Hanging candelabra: Hang a beautiful candelabra from the porch ceiling and set the perfect lighting for a date or just for a cold winter night with your gal pals. 

Home Styling 2

A hammock: Put up a hammock on your porch, one which matches your porch furniture and make that a place to read your morning paper, or have a nap on the weekends and chill!

Home Styling 3

Fairy lights: Install a string of fairy lights and switch them on at dusk. Have a seat and watch the world go by.

Home Styling 4

Season wreaths: We all put up lovely green and red wreaths for Christmas, but how about having one for each season – a pink and white one for spring, or a brownish golden one for autumn or a cool blue one for summer.

Home styling 5

Drink station: Install a slide-out mini closet and use the shelves for lemonade glasses and jugs for when you have company. And for later in the evening, use ‘em for margaritas!

Home Styling 6

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