Hello ladies, you know we always struggle to wear our favorite dress (Some of us might be an exception. I am so jealous of you!). Now here’s something, why to restrict your ‘low calorie’ resolution to just salads and work out when you can apply it on your styling (Also the results are quicker with this). From selecting appropriate colors to styles, there are some so many ways to look slimmer than you are. Now adopting these style tips are not just a camouflage, they will boost your confidence and your sexiness quotient to another level. Moreover, these style tips will come as a savior for surprise evening parties.

So let's check it out these shopping secrets,

1. Go monochromatic: Tops and bottoms in one color create an illusion of undisturbed vertical line which makes you look taller. Especially using dark color will make you look slimmer than usual. Check out this gorgeous monochromatic dress by Amore Beaute here

Monochromatic dress

2. Use your jewellery smartly: It's a smart way to divert attention from hips to the front and center of the body. Adding long necklaces, mid-chest bibs & big chandeliers to a short neck will attract attention to the face and not the middle of the body (where usually is the trouble area :)) Add bangles or cocktail rings to the wrists instead of arms


3.Matching shoes to your leg: Shoes matching your leg color tone is one of the quickest ways to make look your legs long. Neutral skin-hued shoes and sandals with high heels will make your look tall and slim. Adding the same color shoes to your monochromatic look will be a bonus. Also pointed shoes and best. Round-toe shoes can have a shortening effect.

Neutral skin-hued sandals

4. Add a jacket over your denim: Open jacket over your v-neck tank and dark wash denim has an extra- shortening effect. Blazers with straight vertical stripes will have extra brownie points to make you look classy and slim. A wider collar jacket will also serve the purpose.

Open jacket

5. Choosing right Belt: Belts usually divide your body into two. The proportion of the two matters a lot in making you look slim. Using wider belts instead of skinny ones will make you look smaller.

Waist Belt

6. V-Neck Dress: Choosing boat necks or crew necks will make your shoulder look even broader. V- neck is always there to rescue it's the best way to narrow your torso. It optically elongates and gives an illusion of extra inches. Tops & Shirts with three-quarter sleeves are best.

V-Neck Dress

7. High waist pants: Now a lot of us tend to wear pants below the waistline (It’s obvious) But low actually makes you look short. Now high waist pants will cover the fat around your waist to create the illusion of a lean waist. Sport a loose button shirt or a crop top for best results.

High waist pants

8. Red is an ultimate savior: This bold saturated color soaks up the light in all right ways to hide all your trouble areas. Moreover red gives makes you look sexier and boost your confidence so it's a definite do. (Photo courtesy: Daily Mail)

Red Dress

9. Shoes with pointed toes: Pointed shoes paired with the skirt is a perfect recipe to make your legs look slim and sexy. Footwear with thin heel works to extend the narrow silhouette of calves. Try avoiding bulk heels and round toes which will make you your legs look bulky and short.

Shoes with pointed toes

10: Medium size handbag: Accessories are also as important as clothing. Avoid giant, slouchy handbags also avoid tiny bags these usually look out of proportion for everyone. A cool mid-sized handbag will [perfectly give you a slim and streamline appearance. This is the coolest tip that you can apply for everyday use.


So ladies those some smart ways to hide extra pounds and look slim and boost self-confidence. I am sure you might have some more interesting tips. Share it with me in the comment box. Would love to hear from you. Till then happy styling!

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