Fall is the perfect season to update your home decor. After a summer of fun, all we want to do is curl up and hibernate at home. If you're ready to say goodbye to beach days and picnics in the park and welcome movie nights and cozy colors, this is the post for you. We're sharing seven easy Fall decor ideas.

1  Add Cozy Blankets and Throws

Amore Beaute Emerald Green Velvet Quilt


Get ready for the colder weather with some cozy blankets or throws. Curl up on the sofa for a movie with a velvet throw, or cocoon yourself in cotton for a refreshing night's sleep. The extra layers and textures will add comfort to your home whilst keeping you warm throughout the season.

 Hang Heavy Drapes

Amore Beaute felt curtain in olive green color

Nothing says it's the season of hibernation like heavy drapes. Block out the dreary weather outside and elevate the character of your home with heavy drapes.

Add Orange Hues

 Woven Throw Pillow in Wool Felt by Amore Beaute

Although stepping outside into the cold might not be at the top of your agenda, you can bring the beautiful colors of Fall inside. Adding orange hues and rustic tones to your Fall decor means you can immerse yourself in all the beauty of the season from the comfort of your own home. Throw pillows are an easy way to add hue and an extra layer of coziness on your bed and sofa.

 Treat Yourself to Fresh Bedsheets

Bedsheets by Brooklinen

There's nothing like experiencing fresh bedsheets when transitioning from one season to the next. Treat yourself to some thicker bedsheets as part of your Fall Decor. Those light-weight summer sheets aren't going to keep you warm through those rainy Fall nights!

Enjoy The Scent of a Luxury Scented Candle

scented candle by Ralph Lauren

It's time to pack away those fresh, sweet summer scents and opt for something slightly richer instead. Add some ambience to your cozy fall decor with a scented candle. Let those earthy, rich tones fill your living room as you snuggle on the sofa under your new favorite throw.

Have Seasonal Plants

Image of seasonal plants in Amore Beaute blog on Fall Winter decor

Transition through the seasons with foliage and flowers. Replace the vibrant, colorful summer flowers hanging in your home and outside spaces with Fall and Winter plants. Fall plants tend to be darker and more mellow. Adding these bold tones to your home will tie in with the rest of your Fall decor. Seasonal plants let you enjoy the beauty of the natural world and appreciate the wonders each new season brings.

Invest in a Reading lamp

 Desk lamp at ralphlauren.com

Short days and long nights are approaching. It's the perfect time to sit in your favorite armchair and read as the world sleeps soundly outside your window. This Fall, upgrade your reading lamp to create the perfect reading nook.

These Fall decor ideas are simple yet effective ways to make your home ready for the colder seasons. Make the most out of your home this Fall and create a comfortable, cozy space you love living in. 

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