Pop Art was described as a movement of 1950s.  It marked departure from high art to my art that showcased daily use and accessible products. Things like movie and Hollywood posters, product packaging, comic book cover entered the art world and homes.  It was mass produced, cheap and accessible to all. 

In current times pop art continue to show up in home décor products like - wall art, throw pillows, bedding, rugs and furniture.  Personally I like to showcase my love for pop art is subtle ways with mixing of monochrome and popping color, in fact lots of color.  This décor doesn't have the to be over the top but can be simple, funny and colorful. Especially with having to spend months working from home pop art has brought spirited color and energy to interiors. 

Sharing a few of my favorite pop art products that create happy cheer! Premium Opaque Polyester Fabric with Matte Finish crated by RetroPlanetGraphics


This minimalism décor with pop art painting and comfortable chair create a lively and fun atmosphere. 


Take your love for pop art a notch higher with Amore Beaute hand embellished beaded pillow cover.  Its not a regular print pillow cover!  This piece makes a wonderful gift for your friend.  Get her one for Valentines.
Red Lip Throw Pillow Cover
This minimalist pop art décor is ultra chic.  I couldn't locate the original owner of the design but just fell in love with the interiors and wanted to share.
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