A mandala’s complicated and intricate design is representative of a number of things – creativity, healing, focus, energy and potential. It acts as a pathway to a number of possibilities. Coloring a mandala can stand for your artistic temperament or a way to immerse yourself in a different dimension. Take a look at some ways in which mandala coloring can make a difference -

Mandala Art

  • It helps you relax and discover new ways of meditation as it is said to activate the healing powers of the sacred circle.
  • It can help you make a spiritual connection with yourself and the beyond by immersing yourself in the power of the mandala.
  • It can help increase awareness of the self as well as the people and objects around you by increasing your focus and concentration.
  • It can help expand your creativity and artistic zeal as you are creating a new and unique work of art.
  • It is a wonderful way to increase your self-expression and helps promote a feeling of inner peace by unlocking the healing powers of the mandala.
  • It can act as an interesting group activity with your friends and whether you’re a child, an adult or an elderly person, mandala coloring appeals to everyone alike.
  • It strikes a beautiful balance between your mind, soul and body as you express, through coloring, where you are in the journey of life.

There are a number of colors that you can use to color a mandala and here’s a basic understanding of what each color stands for -

Mandala Art colors

WHITE: White stands for purity of the mind and is representative of turning over a new page.

GREEN: Green is the color of renewal and revitalization. It soothes our spirit with harmony.

TURQUOISE: Turquoise is known for its serenity and is said to bring peace to the mind and body.

YELLOW: Yellow stands for hope and happiness. It is also the color of creativity.

LIGHT RED: Light red is representative of a sense of courage and confidence.

ORANGE: Orange radiates warmth and energy. It is also active and friendly in nature.

MAGENTA: Magenta is to spread calmness across the mind and instil creativity and thinking.

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I agree with you 100%! I am in love with Mandalas I have Mandala tapestries hanging in every room of my home and I also very much enjoy coloring Mandalas. My latest is working on learning to draw them myself, and incorporating them into the jewelry I make. Thanks for listing what the different colors represent.

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