The holidays are a time when presence of warmth and light in your home can make all the difference in the world. While hanging string lights is a common method for introducing sparkling light into a house, there are many ways to brighten your home for this holiday season.

1. Silver and gold thread. 

Silver and gold thread adds sparkle and charm to interior spaces. Metallic thread cloth can be used in a variety of holiday decorations such as pillows, framed quilted cloth and cloth Christmas ornaments. Look for items that use metallic ribbon and bullion fringe as well as cloth items that use actual metallic cloth. Silver gold thread embroidered pillows are the perfect addition to your living room to add that extra glow.

2. Mirrors, beads and decorative pearls

Decorative pearls aren't just for your jewelry! Pillows, Curtains, ornaments, table clothes and blankets all reflect more light when they're covered in decorative pearls, little beads and small decorative mirrors. Above are some mirror pillows that will reflect some positive light in your room.

3. Sequins. 

Sequins can make cloth of all kind more shiny and attractive. Using sequined cloth on pillows and blankets can bounce light around the house. These pillows are best when put in entry way, living room or study.

4. Create Lit Centerpieces

Using electric lights in your centerpieces creates focal points of light in each room.  You can fill a crystal bowl with reflective ornaments, then mix in a string of battery-powered LCD holiday lights. Using battery powered lights enables you to make an elegant centerpiece without using extension cords.

5. Use Electric Candles

Candles give off a warm glow indoors at the holidays. Unfortunately, candles also drip wax, generate smoke and present a fire hazard. To get the look of a traditional candle and the convenience of an electric light, use electric candles. Since they present no fire hazard, you can use electric candles in every room and window of the house. This will help keep your home warm and inviting in appearance.

I am sure you may have lot more ideas to glow the decor this holiday season. I would love to hear from you. Share them in comment box. Till then happy holidays!

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