When your entire home looks like paradise, your bathroom shouldn’t be the only place left out. A balanced color scheme can make your bathroom soothing to the eyes, especially when you want to kick back with a nice long bubble bath, a book, a glass of wine and some candles. Here are our top decor suggestions:

1. Good old white: Sometimes, there’s nothing better than an entirely white color scheme. Add a few wooden accents here and there - a wooden framed mirror, perhaps? Or a painting? It’s up to you.

Home Living Style 1

2. Turquoise and gold: Pastel shades of turquoise and gold will give your bathroom a hint of royalty. They are also the kind of colors that soothe your eyes. It would be ideal to have your closets and doors in turquoise and your fittings and mirror frames in gold.

Home Living Style 2

3. Brick red and forest green: Brick red and forest green will give your bathroom the feeling that you’re far away like in a bed and breakfast at a wine country. 

Home Living style 3

4. Red and black: If you are going for a more modern and urban kind of setting, the colors red and black will set just the tone. Black tiles and red fittings. Need we say more? 

Home Living style 4

5. White and lavender: Are you a girly girl who loves pinks and purples? Then this is just the color scheme for you. Have a lovely white and lavender wallpaper, white doors, a couple of paintings and flower vases here and there, and voila!

Home Living style 5

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